Personal Injury Attorneys Canton IL

The Personal Injury Attorneys Canton IL Turns To

Personal Injury Attorneys Canton IL

It’s certainly common to become confused, exhausted, frustrated and angry after an injury such as a car accident or slip and fall. However, it’s important to think of your future. Call the personal injury attorneys at Doc Halliday, Attorney at Law, right away. From motorcycle and pedestrian accidents to dog bites and medical malpractice, personal injury cases are common all over the country. These are cases where injury arises from the negligence of another party. They can be minor, such as a broken bone, or major, such as loss of life, TBI or spinal cord injury. Our team knows it can be difficult to think clearly at this time. Thus, we are the personal injury attorneys Canton IL turns to in their time of need. We are Doc Halliday, Attorney at Law.

What We Handle: Personal Injury Cases

Doc Halliday has many years of experience assisting victims of personal injuries. He is exhaustive in his research, which includes his own investigation and the use of expert witnesses. Thus, he can help you win your case, which begins by establishing that the accused individual was negligent. We routinely handle these types of cases:

Personal Injury Attorneys Canton IL

Doc Halliday, with his knowledge, skill, tenacity and dedication, will prove that your injury resulted from negligence or a failure to act responsibly. Consequently, he must also prove there was an actual loss in need of compensation. You may be entitled to compensation to take care of your medical bills, lost wages and even emotional trauma.

Thus, we service clients in Peoria, East Peoria, Dunlap, Washington, Morton and Pekin, IL.

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So, have you been injured due to the negligence of someone else? It’s time to contact Doc Halliday, Attorney at Law, at 309-689-8982 for a free consultation or email at In conclusion, we are located at 5901 N Prospect Road, Suite 7-A in Peoria.

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