Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

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If you’ve sustained an injury to your ulnar nerve, cubital tunnel syndrome is not an uncommon result. Symptoms include tingling, pain and/or numbness in the elbow and arm.  Caused by significant and sustained pressure on the ulnar nerve, this syndrome often results from holding your elbow in a bent position for an extended time. Nerve irritation also results from repeatedly bending and straightening the elbow. It also can be caused by repetitive lifting of heavy objects or pulling chains, ropes or like items. 

If these symptoms sound familiar, it is important to see a doctor promptly. To rule out other possible causes such as pinched nerves, thyroid disease or diabetes, a physical examination by a doctor is critical to properly diagnose cubital tunnel syndrome. Once a diagnosis has been determined, a treatment plan can be prescribed.

Treatments may include:

  • Wearing an elbow pad
  • Wearing a splint during sleep
  • Work adjustments
  • Other physical therapies or even surgery.


Cubital tunnel syndrome is most often a repetitive trauma type of injury. It may develop over years or even decades, or may be aggravated by the employee’s job. Many workers continue to do their job despite pain, tingling and numbness. 

Eventually, they finally decide they cannot take the pain anymore and see a doctor, and have a diagnostic test  done to determine the severity of the cubital tunnel syndrome. Many times it exists in both extremities. As a result, there is not a specific accident date the employee can identify. 

You and your Attorney can determine what date to use when making a claim. Contact the law office of Doc Halliday to discuss your claim. 

Some jobs require extended time spent at a desk on the phone, which can trigger cubital tunnel syndrome. When ulnar nerve injuries are caused in the workplace, employers can be held liable for medical treatments as well as payments for missed work. Doc Halliday, a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Peoria, IL, is an expert in pursuing workers’ compensation claims. A Leading Lawyer award winner, Doc Halliday can help you seek prompt and adequate payment for your workplace injury.

Seeking a Workers’ Compensation Attorney for Peoria, IL cases can be a big decision. As a lifelong resident of Peoria, Doc Halliday is committed to residents of the Peoria, East Peoria, Dunlap, Washington, Morton and Pekin, IL communities. He understands the frustration a workplace injury can bring and the struggles faced by injured employees. When employers fail to pay medical bills related to a workplace injury, treatment can be delayed. For help, contact Doc Halliday today.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Peoria IL Doc Halliday can help victims of cubital tunnel syndrome receive the compensation they deserve.

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