Fractures & Broken Bones

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If you’ve experienced a compound fracture or broken bone as the result of a workplace injury, your employer may be liable for payments related to medical claims or lost work time. Don’t wait to get help. Seek an expert Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Peoria, IL to handle your workers’ compensation claim. With more than 30 years of experience in helping injured workers, Doc Halliday is a Lawyer with an esteemed reputation for success.

A fracture occurs when a bone is met with a force stronger than it can withstand. Workplace fractures and broken bones may be the result of the following:

  • A single direct blow
  • Repeated bone blows
  • A force that twists a bone too far
  • A stress fracture, when a bone experiences stress and impact over time
  • A crush injury, when a bone is compressed between two things

Workplace fractures and broken bones can also be caused by the following:

  • Heavy machine operation
  • Heavy object lifting
  • Falls
  • Prolonged exertion in awkward positions
  • Poor safety measures

A medical diagnosis is critical in identifying many compound fractures or broken bones. After diagnosis, a doctor will prescribe a course of treatment aimed at both pain management and bone break recovery. Treatments for fractures include the following:

  • Immediate treatment such as medications or ice for pain, splints or casts as necessary, or surgery if break is severe
  • Workplace adjustments in machinery or hours while the break is healing
  • Physical therapy once the break has healed

Fractures can be painful or debilitating. Time off to recuperate can mean lost wages and some injuries are severe enough that doing your job becomes impossible. If your workplace is liable for the injury, you could be awarded compensation. Doc Halliday, a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Peoria, IL, can help you navigate the complicated world of workers’ compensation claims. Contact Doc Halliday today for help in the Peoria, East Peoria, Dunlap, Washington, Morton or Pekin communities.

Victims who have sustained fractures and broken bones on the job can turn to a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Peoria, IL for proper representation and compensation.

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